Enterprise Mobile Development

Enable high-performance connected devices and top-of-the-line online solutions with superior user experiences for the benefit our customers and their customers.

As the web is becoming more application based and users are continuing to demand more from their mobiles, interactive and tailor-made mobile experiences are crucial for brand awareness. At WPH, we understand the added value of mobile apps and know exactly how to leverage mobile platforms to generate results.

Multi-Platform Solutions

Applications are now becoming highly mobile, secure, and accessible anywhere in the world

We work with you to make your solutions multi-platform, usable from a computer to mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

WPH's offers the technical competency to deliver mobile solutions on all major platforms including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, BlackBerry and Android tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

 We have an experienced team of developers, managers and strategists who have mastered the understanding of App store trends, programming techniques and modern interface design.

Mobile interface design

Automatically detect and repurpose content on different mobile devices  with a tailored user experience?

  • Data capture forms
  • CMS integration
  • Mobile Optimised Content  

Mobile Sites and Applications

Content publishing on mobile devices?

  • Enterprise Mobile applications integration and interfaces
  • Multi-platform development
    • iPhone/iPad
    • Android
    • BlackBerry
    • Windows Mobile
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration on Mobile
  • MIS tracking
  • Work order for fields sales
  • Travel and navigation apps